The PalmThunderbird 2The Palm
Specifications: STOL/VTOL Heavy Transport Aircraft

Wingspan: 57.0m

Length: 75.5m

Height: 18.0m

Top Speed: 5 000mph

Power Plant: Atomic Pile

Propulsion: Turbojet, RAMjet, Rocket

Armament: Surface to Air Missiles

Crew: One, Virgil Tracy

TB2 Taxiing

Taking into account the nature of TB2 Brains decided against a vertical takeoff craft. The launch bay therefore bears some resemblance to a conventional hangar, but the resemblance ends when one considers the details which, like all TB equipment, are years ahead of their time.

TB2 is capable of carrying large payloads which are housed in the centrally mounted pod. Prior to departure on a rescue mission a decision is made as to which pod vehicle is to be taken to the rescue zone. This decision is made by Scott, if he is already on the scene in TB1, or by Jeff and Brains at Tracy Island after gathering as much information as possible about the emergency.

One of the six pods is then automatically loaded into TB2's hangar, directly underneath the craft. TB2 lowers itself down over the pod and engages the solenoid activated magnetic bolts which lock the pod into position.

Once the rock covered hanger doors have opened and the 'drawbridge' lowered, TB2 taxis down a short runway to the launch ramp where it is elevated for the rocket assisted takeoff.

At the rescue site TB2 is able to maneauver into position for landing or deployment of the rescue crew using the four VTOL rockets. Full view of the area is offered to Virgil via the observation windows and TV cameras. On landing, TB2 releases the pod locking mechanism and elevates on the hydraulic legs to clear the pod. TB2 can then resume flight without the pod in place.

TB2 is fully equipped with living accommodating and gallery, an internal lift to access the pod whilst in flight, an armoury of cutting tools, drills lasers, thermic lances and other rescue equipment and external flood lighting.

International Rescue

TB2 Landing



TB2 In Flight

TB2 Launch
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